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We are proud to use Merial Recombitek Vaccines when available. Although these vaccines can be more expensive, these vaccines have been modified so that it is much less likely for your pet to develop a reaction. This is especially important for cats. Vaccinations in cats have been proven to be associated with cancer. The Merial feline rabies vaccine is the only recommended brand of rabies for eliminating cancer risk.

For your pet to be Rabies vaccinated your pet must have had an exam by our doctor in the last year, in accordance with state laws.

Vaccine Clinic Prices:

DAPP $26

Rabies- Dog $16*, Cat $24*

Bordetella $17


FeLV $23

Lepto $19**

*In order to be given a Rabies vaccination, your pet must have been examined at our facility within the last 12 months.

** Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can make animals and humans VERY ill and is difficult to diagnose due to the wide variety of clinical signs (animals or people can show acute liver failure, acute kidney failure, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, mild signs, etc). Recently as reported in veterinary news articles, Lepto has been making a big come back. Lepto used to not be in this area, however, we are now seeing it. Due to the potential for your pet to become very sick and the chance to pass it to you and your family, we now recommend that all dogs be vaccinated that go hiking, camping or live near wildlife.

For more info, please go to the Center for Disease Controls webpage:


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  • "Dr. Cooper was amazing, I found her to be very easy to talk with, she went over x-rays and discussed my options in terms that were easy to understand. I didn't feel pressured, and ultimately we decided to let her remove the problem teeth. Since her check-up Katie is all kisses and her mouth smells great. Love this vet!"
    Tamara W. / Lake Forest, CA